Joan Eardley, and her waves

1921 - 1963

JOAN EARDLEY (1921 - 1963)

'The Wave'  1961.  Oil and grit on board.
'A Stormy Sea No. I'
'The Sea No.III'
'Coastline at Catterline'
'The Sea No.II'
'The Sea, Winter II'

Stormy waves painted in Catterline,  a village on the east coast of Scotland.  ['The Wave'] ‘It was painted during February 1961 – entirely outside – as is the case with all my sea paintings. It was one of four paintings which I had in progress during a stormy period of weather. I worked on all four together – or rather from one to the other according to the tide’.

Reminded of Calvino's Reading a Wave, as Mr Palomar tries to isolate a wave.  He struggles.  These paintings offer a window view, trying to capture the wave as it breaks, it's impact, without the context of the sea, and the system that creates it.

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